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Our Methodology

Our proprietary methodology uses fundamental and technical analysis for trading the funds of the Thrift Savings Plan F Fund, C Fund, S Fund, and I Fund. At, our number one goal is to consistently produce results that beat the buy-and-hold strategy of investing.

On our Members Only page, members will have access to the latest updates for the funds (F, C, S, and I). As stated on our TSP Funds page and for tracking purposes, we will use the following ticker symbols for the funds:

Fund G F C S I
Ticker Symbol none AGG $SPX $EMW EFA

The members page will provide's Weekly Newsletter (sample newletter), which contains professional chart analysis & commentary for each of the funds. The newsletter is updated each Friday before the market opening. The members page will also show our "Current Fund Distribution" in percent allocations for each fund. Charts are annotated with commentary and technical information. You do not have to be an expert in technical analysis to understand the information we write in the report and on the charts. We only provide this information to help members understand how we derive our percent allocations in the funds.

There are many technical elements that we use to help determine the relative degree of bullishness or bearishness we should be in each fund. Some of these elements include: trend analysis with levels of support and resistance, pattern recognition, uptrending and downtrending channels, volume analysis, Elliott wave analysis, MACD (moving average convergence / divergence), overbought and oversold readings (Williams %R and Stochastics), Fibonacci retracement levels, relative strength index, relationships to volatility indexes, risk-to-reward probabilities, market sentiment data, fundamental analysis, volumetric analysis, and our short-term forecast.

Members will receive an e-mail each Friday before the market opening, as a reminder that our weekly newsletter has been updated on the members page. Also, members will receive our "Latest Fund Allocation" e-mail alert when there is a IFT allocation change to be made. In this e-mail, we will show our percentage distributions for the various funds.

Also, we do not intend on advertising our site heavily, because we find that spreading our service by word-of-mouth to fellow government employees is much more effective. We do not strive for perfection, because we will tell you upfront, that perfection with trading stocks or stock indexes does not exist in the stock market. What we strive for is upholding to the highest degree of professionalism, integrity, credibility and reputation. We hope you will come to the same conclusion after becoming a member by witnessing the devotion we have to our work and in successfully interpretating the market. Our high rate of renewals suggest that members are very happy to see their thrift retirement accounts substantially grow through the years.

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