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A few testimonials from our Members!
some testimonials were edited only for proper grammar and brevity

  1. Member Services (Robert?) - I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how satisfied I have been with your services this Calendar Year. Your investment tips and strategies have paid for my annual membership fee literally well more than 100x over. The return on investment is phenomenal.

    As I start budgeting for this upcoming CY, I am considering the 'jump' in as a lifetime member and the one-time cash payout to cover this expense. Thanks in advance for your response! Scott

  2. Hello Robert, Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for all the hard work! Your market analysis and support is essential to my TSP investments. My TSP Personal Investment Performance is currently at 18.04%. That's great! Always looking forward to your Weekly Newsletters... Ed

  3. That makes perfect sense. I am glad we made the switch to your service. Melissa

  4. Bob - got the username and password - looks great. Presume I will have these for "life"? Glad we were able to get everything straightened out. Have been a member since 2010 (at least) - shame you did have the lifetime membership back then! :-) Without your service - I would be investing aimlessly. I do not have the time nor skill to determine what interfund transfers to make when. I rely totally on the service you provide. Keep up the great work! Thanks. Bonnie

  5. Hello, Is this always available, or only a short time offer? Just trying to figure out finances to cover this Lifetime Membership. Great deal in the long run! You are extremely knowledgeable, and have a great track record. I could kick myself for stopping my subscription after they limited us to 2 transactions per month. So glad I am back. Thanks, Ed

  6. Bob, My compliment to a well designed service. What sets you apart from others is transparency, macro view of the funds, data plus a disciplined analysis. Keep up the good work... Jim

  7. Thanks, as always, for your weekly updates and keen insights! Tom

  8. I like your communities and analysis. Very nice. I like the bearing and bullish outlooks. Thanks for the speedy updates. Chris

  9. Thank You Bob! I will renew my membership. I appreciate all your professional help and investment assistance. Matthew

  10. Thank you for a great year! The change in notices is functioning superbly. I am able to receive the notice and make changes directly on my phone. To a better next year and have a great NEW YEARS !! Danny

  11. Bob, Understood, the analysis is time consuming enough. Over the years, you still have one of the best market summaries out there. I appreciate the TSP insight. Jeff

  12. My husband and I really love your service. Glad we came across it. Nice to see it performing very well early on in 2017. Thanks! Stacey

  13. Love it that we are up 8% in 2017 and its not even April yet. Keep up the excellent work! Frank

  14. Year 2016 wasn't easy for any market timer. Nice that you still pulled out a positive year. Regards, Eli

  15. Your web site is the bomb! Love it! I can't imagine where my savings would be at without your service. Just so glad I came across your site and signed up. I feel very comfortable with your analysis - lots of technical information, yet easy to understand since you are a superb writer and chart analyst. You rock!! Trinity

  16. Just want to thank you for all the hard work you do for us government employees. I have been learning a lot through the years of your analysis. Though, I still do not want to chance making my own decisions for the IFTs (interfund transfers). I'm just appreciative of your service! Many thanks to you and your family! Stephanie

  17. The amount of work you put into your newsletters and analysis is amazin'! You must eat, drink and sleep this stuff! lol.. You are very quick to respond to my messages when I do write. Just keep up the good work! Pam

  18. Dear Bob, Your interpretation of the stock market has been excellent in 2014. Nice to see you outperforming all other advisory services this year, especially the ones offered at Keep up the great work! I'm renewing my membership once again. Very honest and professional work you do for us! Thanks Jonathan

  19. Hi Dr. Dillon, I like how your returns are steady and continue to gradually increase my TSP savings. Thats all I could ever ask for. I was wondering if you would like to manage other money I have, meaning autotrade my savings using your trading signals. Please get back with me. regards, Sarah

  20. Hi Bob, love your analysis in your newsletters - to the point and on the money! You make TA (technical analysis) look easy to understand. Its obvious you are a pro in your field! Cheers, Michael

  21. Dear Robert, just wanted to simply thank you for your services. We are having a wonderful year 2014! I am nearing retirement and want to be a member even after I retire. Your work is honest and straightforward. best regards, Frances

  22. Bob, I can't help but mention that your returns are beating other leading advisory services in year 2014 - more power to you! I have many years remaining in the federal government and hope to be a member for many years ahead. Sincerely, Janet

  23. Dear Dr. Dillon, I like how your results in year 2014 are capturing the major uptrends in the market. We are already up 10% and still have about 4 months remaining this year. The information you provide in your newsletter is very valuable to me, and it is teaching me how to interpret the charts. I wish for continuing success. Thanks! RJ

  24. Hi, I know very little about stocks, but I am so fortunate to have found your services. I noticed other advisory services are way subpar to your results. Just wanted to say keep up the great work you have done for us in year 2014. regards, Jessica

  25. Year 2012 was a rough one for all market timers. Hang in there, I love your analysis and I am very confident and comfortable in your skills as a technical analyst. I am certain we will all do well in 2013! Warmest regards, Cynthia

  26. Dr. Dillon, Just wanted to simply say thank you for such a wonderful job you are doing with trading the TSP funds! You nailed the bottom in Oct 2011, and I have made so much money following your allocations! I just wished I joined your service years ago. Sincerely, Nici

  27. Hi, you are the master of technical analysis. The skills you have at chart analysis are unmatched! Keep up the great work! Jeanine

  28. Hey Bob, ~great call going long for the stock funds at the perfect time! Chris

  29. Bob, Hands down, you are the best technical chart analyst I have ever encountered. You have an innate ability to understand what changes the dynamics of the market before they actually happen. I sincerely thank you for your service and for the professional guidance you provide! All the best, Ron

  30. So happy to have signed up with such a professional service. Your charting abilities to foresee the market are astounding! I hope you maintain this service for us government employees for many years to come. Can you tell me the date of when I am to renew my membership? I think it is coming up soon. I just don't want to miss out on any allocation distributions. Have a wonderful week! Sincerely, Belinda

  31. Love the analysis you put into your charts, and the various views that go with it. Your perspective is logical and thorough, and I am happy to be a member of your service. Cheers, Renault

  32. Thanks for all the hard work you do throughout the year and providing us with such a valuable service. Best regards, Katie

  33. Doc, You had another spectacular year and outperformed the stock market once again. Congrats! Love your service!

  34. Dear ThriftTrading, It always amazes me regarding all the technical information that you write about and analyze in your weekly newsletter. Some say no one can really time the stock market, but I am beginning to understand what you look at, and what you base your analysis on to come to the allocations you provide. I am also starting to see how you can tell if the market is overbought or if it shows bearish divergence based on your chart analysis, and it is time to switch our savings into the G or F Funds. So I am learning! ~thanks for all your work!

  35. Sir, You're doing a great job! The new TSP trading restrictions definitely make it harder now!! Looks like those who are in the LifeCycle funds are going to get hit hard this year... Keep up the good work!

  36. Hello, I just want to send a thank you note for all the work and efforts you have done! Your expertise in technical analysis is quite apparent, and I am even learning about the technical things you write about in your newsletter. The results from your techniques are superb! I wonder if I should start trading stocks myself? I can only hope to do 1/2 as well. Cheers,

  37. Editor, Thanks for the reply. I don't know how you do this stuff, but keep up the great work. I, and others, are truly thankful for your efforts.

  38. Dear Sir, I want to compliment you on your knowledge and interpretation of the stock market. It clearly shows in your newsletters that you understand the technical aspects of the stock market and are accurate in predicting its future direction. This is uncanny! I receive many "very" expensive newsletters from other financial services, and they are not worth the paper they are printed on. Your newsletter is clear, to the point, straight forward, and NO hype. I look forward to reading future issues, and I am really happy with my membership! Sincerely,

  39. Dear ThriftTrading, I just wanted to tell you that you have a terrific service. Being able to make money again is certainly a great credit to your organization. I can't say enough good things about your company. Wonderful system,

  40. A friend in the Navy told me that he was impressed with your service. After checking it out, I must say, this is definitely what I have been looking for "direction and professional service". I now feel a little more comfortable with investing again! sincerely,

  41. Hey, You guys nailed the latest plummet in the markets and directed me into the save G Fund. Many thanks! More gov. employees need to know about your web site. I will be spreading the word!! Regards,

  42. I am a new member to your service and am very pleased with it. Keep up the good work! Sincerely,

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